maandag 25 september 2023

SAMSEM Peaceplan SDE342041 Melingitus KingCharles Kate Hersenvliesontsteking Politie School Student Skills ArrestatieTeam5821 FBI

 King Charles , Kate,  ArrestatieTeam5821,  FBI , LegionEtrangere, 

Youtube removes the Video in which I talk about the Risk of Melingitus

in our villages, in NL. 

And, fact that all Political parties in Kingdom NL

want the Medical file to be used by DARKWEB - supercomputer 

for Murder on Humans. 


We have no Countrymanagement at all in NL.

We must take care of eachothers Children on Schoolyeards and in Villages again. 

Like we did 20 years ago. 


When Children have Brain pain - Bombs - Push coming out of head - Paralized body... they must be brought to a Doctor and be examened on Melingitus.  




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