donderdag 6 juli 2023

Video for ElonMusk = Twitter is SAMSEM , the Classical Advertisment & Personal Ads page for Win all Lawsuits Life Spacex


Video SAMSEM - Rechtenpit - Bloemendaal - Politie - Defensie - FBI - Student - Familie - Bedrijf - NOS - MinBZK - MinPres - Vaccin


Of je een Covid Vaccinatie wel / niet overleefd , wordt bepaald door de Batch 
= Partij die geproduceerd is.

Deens Academici hebben zelfstandig onderzoek verricht - zonder subsidie van BigPharma -.







zaterdag 15 april 2023

BLOG page for MyBillionKids / SP / Fridays4Future / OneMillionofUs / MarchforOurLive / Students / Youth SpacecourtPlanet


update 27 may2024

Do not communicate on Social Media anymore. 

Copilot / AI robot creates   HAARP2  

= Thirdpartner club , quilty of Identity Theft

= Do not pay with MobilePhone. 


JohnnyDepp and I  discovered that Copilot = very big liar.

AI does not Read Tweets Twitter / XAI  and ignores Websites with Legal courtfiles on it. 

AI does read Istagram, but designs a story that proves Identity-theft

Random Individuals are pictured in Social Media accounts = linked to eachother.

They are linked to VIPs ... on Synthetic Media sites , 

like Fact-checking sites. 


AI reads the Thirdparty Cookies  'and does what it want'. 

Robot does not check if Thirdparty publishes truth or fowards truth to a Compagny.  

Robot does not Check if linked Social media accounts.... are connected by humans or bots.

Robot searches for words / sentences .... and mixfixed texts, whether its accurate or not.  


Important Evidence that Copilot is hel on 🌍 

What you read in this picture about Depp x Stokkel is impossible. 

Stokkel had no Istagram account on which she communicates. 

Stokkel is not an actress;   she doesn't want to be one. 

Stokkel is not 21 years of age. 

Depp has never denied Communications with Stokkel;   we have email for specific type of communication online.  We do look after eachother.


Communicate like I do:

  • Own Website.
    • Blogger links for Communication with All of Us.

  • AI / Copilot  can not read your Website , when you don't work with Templates.  
    • Do design your Own lay-out. 
    • Leave standard Pages like 'About Us or Press...'.  away. 
    • Give your Pages a Name you like.    Readers will understand. 
  • PDFs in 2 language: 1 must be Dutch language. Add Wordlist in NL.

I will list all your BLOGS  on  

dinsdag 28 maart 2023

Interim Minister President DésiréeStokkel / MinAZ / FBI / Vreemdelingen legioen / SAMSEM / Spacecourtplanet / Rechtenpit / Twitter / BVNL

 Welkom op mijn Blog.

Nu ElonMusk de Twitter onbereikbaar maakt voor financieel arme personen /  rechtenloze mensen in oorlogsgebied... regel ik HIER

  • Recht op Grondwet Rechtspraak
  • Recht op VN Handvest Rechtspraak
  • Recht op Mensenrechtenverdragen Rechtspraak
  • Recht op Schadevergoeding Economie tegen biowapen / 5G moord
  • Recht op Rechtenonderwijs
  • Recht op Juridisch correct werkende Politiek
  • Recht op Juridisch correct werkende Bedrijven onder Landsbestuur
  • Recht op Leven als Mens op planeet Aarde, zonder Tirannen haat


You may write me here
Can ask me to write about 
Something You Need for Justice at
Use  fbi-politie-stokkel   @  
but this is under 100% Police surveilliance. 

 You may always send Me a PDF for publication on one of our Websites.
Topic has to start from Win all Lawsuits procedure,  which you read on 
Not more than 4 pages;  no personal bullshit, unless you are a child younger than 18 years... somewhere on Earth in Space. 
Full name / address / email address / preferably Own Website = link - world.